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Terms & Conditions

Dear Customer,


         Please read carefully the General Conditions of Service and the use of e-commerce system of Meteor Ltd.


Requirement for registration of customer


         Any natural or legal person intending to make the purchase through e-commerce store, you must complete and verify the accuracy of the data of the registration form, thus creating a client account.


By creating a client account registered person:


          1. Acquire a username and password that identifies the Internet store.


          2. Agrees with these Terms of Service and the use of internet shops.


          3. Receives the right to make valid contracts for the purchase of goods offered by Meteor Ltd., and to refuse performance in the proper order.


         Meteor Ltd reserves the right to refuse access to terminate the registration of the customer to remove or edit content, or to refuse execution at its discretion. If refused a contract, it will be no cost to the client.


Procedure for Shopping


         When an order to purchase products from online store automatically receive e-mail, confirming the success of its design, and containing the details of the contract. Contract made in shop represents the Internet is deemed to offer to purchase the product, subject to review. The contract is considered acceptable from the moment the representative of Meteor Ltd. receive your confirmation on the validity of the contract.


         In shaping the purchase by the customer is required:


          1. Indicate valid shipping address and telephone contact.


          2. To activate the execution of the order by clicking on "Confirm."


By clicking on "Confirm" registered customer agrees to these Terms of Service.


          3. Upon receipt of a valid contract representative of Meteor Ltd. may contact client by phone to notify:


             a) availability of ordered items (including size, color, etc.)


             b) the price for goods


             c) the period for delivery of goods


          4. In a subsequent phone call (or e-mail) Customer acknowledges agreement with the price and terms for delivery of ordered goods.


          5. Customer receives an e-mail message sent to the contract containing the final details of the shipment, such as type and number of items sent, cost of delivery, date of delivery and total payment.


Price and payment


         The prices are with VAT included. "Meteor Ltd. is registered under VAT.


Declared for each product price is valid for the cut (amount of uniform items in a single package), which depends on the type of product and do not include delivery costs.


         "METEOR" Ltd. publishes information about the availability of goods sold. Much of the items are in stock, but details of the exact quantity of an item is not published. When processing your order, we will inform you about availability and delivery deadlines of each item ordered.


Delivery of products


         Ordered goods are delivered by courier company "EKONT" or "SPEEDY" that the client address for delivery (or delivery of office) in accordance with the tariff for the supply and this Terms of Service.


Term of delivery


         Period of delivery depends on the availability of items. Where have all ordered products in stock delivery is within 48 hours from the time of dispatch.


         Normal turnaround is the order of 1-2 working days. If the product is not in stock (especially in cases of exhaustion or inadequate import quantity produced) the period is longer.


         Should be borne in mind that each order is necessary technological time: a conversation with the client and specify the details, packaging, preparation of inventory, consignment, loading and application of the courier. In this respect, the orders made after 15.00 hours is likely to be received the next day.


         In case of circumstances leading to delay the execution of the contract the customer will be timely informed of that phone contact.




          "Meteor Ltd. ensure that when sending product defects, to reduce its value or its suitability for routine use.


         Immediately after receipt of the shipment, but no later than 24 hours, the customer should verify that it is complete and whether the delivered items have some disadvantages.


         In the case of reported deficiencies in the receipt of goods, the customer must immediately inform the type and quantity of them.


         The warranty period starts from the date of receipt of shipment.


         Warranty is not running for defects caused by inappropriate use of the product or overweight load with the use prescribed in the security of the goods.


Rights and obligations


          "Meteor Ltd. undertakes to deliver the ordered goods in the agreed period.


          "Meteor Ltd. undertakes to carry out arrangements with the client with due diligence.


          "Meteor Ltd is not responsible for incorrect information supplied by the manufacturer.


          "Meteor Ltd is NOT required to deliver ordered goods specified in the incorrect address or phone.


          "Meteor Ltd is not responsible for any delay or failure to fulfill its obligations under the occurrence of circumstances beyond the control of Meteor Ltd.


         Customer has the right to seek return of the goods in failure when the delivered goods or manifestly does not correspond to the ordered one, and this was not possible to determine at the time the shipment. Claim in failure and apparent inconsistencies to be introduced 24 hours after receipt of shipment.


         Customer has the right to seek return of goods due to improper transport if can be found obvious defects in the product or compromised integrity of its container in this case the client should not sign documents pridruzhavashite supply that has received the item and immediately inform the representative of Meteor Ltd..


         Customer has the right to seek return of goods if there is a discrepancy with the amount ordered. The claim for non-compliance with an order size is down in the gap, but not later than the period of guarantee, if such is available.


         Customer has the right to seek return of goods if there is a discrepancy with ordered brand. The claim for non-compliance with the trademark be ordered in case of an inconsistency, but no later than the period of guarantee, if such is available.


         Customer has the right to seek return of the goods when the price you must pay does not meet agreed.


         Customer has the right to seek return of the product when not meet the deadline of delivery.


         The client is entitled, without payment of compensation to forego the purchase within 7 (seven) days from the day following the receipt of goods. In this case the goods must be returned in original packaging and stored in unviolated entirety. The cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the Customer.


         In bringing the user can return to claim:


          1. Recovery of the amount paid;


          2. Replace with a new product;


          3. Discount price;


          4. Performing repairs free of charge.


         In bringing the claim, a representative of Meteor Ltd. may request a photo or return of damaged goods as evidence for the basis of the claim.


         In all cases of returning the goods must be notified a representative of Meteor Ltd.


         The client is obliged to indicate valid phone and shipping address.


         Customer undertakes to pay the price of goods ordered.


         Customer undertakes to pay the amount for other costs such as delivery, packaging and more, according to agreed.


         Customer undertakes to ensure the receipt of ordered goods.


         The client is obliged to receive ordered goods.


         Customer bears full responsibility for the preservation or transfer to third parties of your user name and password and for all acts performed by them.


         Customer undertakes not to make fictitious contracts came up for a product or to make other false information.


         Customer undertakes not to violate foreign property or moral rights.


         To comply with current legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and these Terms of Service and use the internet shop of Meteor Ltd.


Photos, illustrations and description of item


         Published in this website description and photos of products are for general information purposes. To be sure the product meets the exact requirements of its client must be aware of the specific characteristics through the official website of the manufacturer.


Legal regulation


         All outstanding issues between these Terms and Conditions "Meteor Ltd. and the client, the provisions of existing legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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